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PlannerFw is an application layer or middleware between server output and result page on the browser, PlannerFw makes lower server requirements and higher server capacity.

PlannerFw is able to work with all web server languages (PHP, Java, Node.js, ASP, Python, Perl, Ruby...) and server-side MVC frameworks, PlannerFw Exec could take over view part of a server-side MVC framework ( To see example project on GitHub )

PlannerFw completely separates data and data presentation, web server are used to create data (model) in JSON or XML, web servers are not responsible for any creation or processes of data presentation.



PlannerFw's model is dynamic server data in JSON or XML format which could be retrieved through HTTP or HTTPS and WebSocket or WebSocket Security.

PlannerFw supports HTTP method "GET", "POST", "PUT", "DELETE" and applying JWT( JSON Web Token ) for model access, RESTful architecture is an option for PlannerFw's model system.

PlannerFw supports request authentication of WebSocket from JWT( JSON Web Token ).



PlannerFw supports XML-schema-like of data types and data constraints for data model exchange through network.

PlannerFw transfers JavaScript instead of HTML/CSS through network. PlannerFw uses JavaScript as template language, there is no learning required to write a data presentation.

PlannerFw supports layout template that creates a data presentation from a group of templates.



PlannerFw implements Variable, Mixins, Nesting, Functions and Operations mechanisms like SASS or LESS provided. CSS could be saved to protected Session Storage and switching them without network connection in consecutive pages.

PlannerFw automatically compiles and transform updated raw templates into JavaScript functions and PFCSS (CSS code contains PlannerFw tags) files into CSS files through Preprocessor server run on OS.

PlannerFw creates updated package for product servers from changed directories and files that are monitored by Preprocessor server in development servers.




Web servers are able to track each processes and time consumed from request start to page rendering completion on the client.

PlannerFw provides mechanisms to improve better web security, for example, server encrptes data model and client decyptes it at receiving time.

PlannerFw has excellent performance between processor request start and result page completion. PlannerFw's loosely coupled structure makes it good for team work and project management.

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