PlannerFw releases with PlannerFw Community Edition and PlannerFw Enterprise Edition, Structure of PlannerFw releases are


PlannerFw Community Edition
PlannerFw ExecPlannerFw Dev
Processor, PostprocessorASCIIGNU GPL v3.0PreprocessorBinaryW3plan Software License


PlannerFw Enterprise Edition
PlannerFw ExecPlannerFw Dev
Processor, PostprocessorASCIIGNU GPL v3.0PreprocessorBinaryW3plan Software License


PlannerFw Exec in PlannerFw Community Edition and PlannerFw Enterprise Edition is same, comparing tables of PlannerFw Devs in PlannerFw Community Edition and PlannerFw Enterprise Edition


PlannerFw Dev of PlannerFw Community EditionPlannerFw Dev of PlannerFw Enterprise Edition
Free to usePay to use
No DeployBuilder packageDeployBuilder package included
5-levels deep of subdirectories started from /template, /layout and /css/pfcss would be watchedUnlimited
Per execution of Preprocessor server in 30 minutesUnlimited
No tickets support1 year's tickets support
No registration requiredRegistration required at first usage



Main features of PlannerFw Exec

JSON data model and XML data model

Retrieve model over HTTP/HTTPS and WS/WSS

Support user authentication with JWT (JSON Web Token)

Access model with JWT for stateless (session-less) architectures

WebSocket user authentication at WebSocket handshake

Model member encryption and decryption

Model member validation with data type and data constraints

Model member CRC32 checksum


Template and layout template

Support SASS-like and LESS-like mechanisms (Variable, Mixins, Nesting, Functions, Operations and more) for CSS

Store CSS to Session Storage and access it in security

Switch CSS for the rendered page without network accesses

Crossing-domains models and templates via server-side proxy

Bidirectional XML and JSON transformation supports

APIs for raw templates, PFCSS and rendered page


Single-byte and multiple-byte character set support

Powerful configuration supports for the application

Web security enhancements

Extended error handling system

Tracking PalnnerFw Exec processes and time

PlannerFw Exec is in module structures

Model-View-Controller-Module architecture

Abilities to take over views of general server-side MVC frameworks



pfComponent package of PlannerFw Exec


pfComponent package is a server-side component, it include a some tools and libraries to aid server-side development for PlannerFw application, current pfComponent includes a complete implementation of functionalities for PHP, and a part implementation of functionalities for Java, ASP.NET, Node.js, Python, Ruby and Perl, user may refer PHP implementation to write server-side code for PlannerFw applications.

Server-side languages Secure processes JWT libraries JWT handle Server-side proxy for model WebSocket server


PlannerFw Dev


PlannerFw Dev in PlannerFw Community Edition and PlannerFw Enterprise Edition were distributed with binaries for operation systems:

Windows 32-bit     (Vista and up)

Windows 64-bit     (Vista and up)


Ubuntu/Mint 64-bit

Debian 64-bit


Red Hat/Centos/Fedora 64-bit

Suse 64-bit


PlannerFw open-source-projects on GitHub


PlannerFw Exec   -

PlannerFw taking over views of CodeIgniter framework   -


PlannerFw Licenses


PlannerFw Exec released under GNU GPL v3.0   <>

PlannerFw Dev released under W3plan Software License   <>